Saturday, May 27, 2017

2017 Library Love Challenge Pledge

"Library Love Challenge!
If you love to read and/or listen to books then you also love to buy every book you want to read. And, well, that puts a hurt on your wallet. Checking books (print, ebook, or audios) out from the library can save you LOTS of money and in most places getting a library card is FREE."  Hosted by Angel's Guilty Pleasures and BEA's Book Nook.

Fun challenge I am joining.  My goal is:
Library Card on Fire: read 50+ books 
Tracking my progress here and to join,  click the challenge link above!  

Beat the Backlist and Win the House Cup Challenge

 Hosted at Novel Knight
So I needed some reading challenges to get me motivated on the blog again.  So challenges seemed like a fun way to go.  And this one looks particularly fun.  For this one I am not going to count books I have already read.  Too late.  I am starting this effective now.  Well, basically June 1st since I am on a self inflicted reading ban until then.  

So my goal is for June 1, 2017-Dec 31, 2017 and it is to read 150 books from my TBR (can be my physical TBR that is still unlisted or those on Goodreads).   For details on the challenge click the link below the image.  

Some books on my starting TBR include: 
Red by Ted Dekker
White by Ted Dekker
Dorothy Must Die Stories V. 2 & 3 by Danielle Paige
The Ring and The Crown by Melissa de la Cruz 

And so many more.  
I will list books here as I read them from this point on

Another part of this challenge and the reason I joined was this-
Perfect for Harry Potter fans!  

A mini self-inflicted reading ban?! Am I crazy?!

So while I have started back up n here, you may have noticed a lack of content so far.  Well part is that I am taking it easy on here, part lack of free time.  But the biggest thing is obvious if you look at my Goodreads profile.  I have hardly read anything all month.  I can't even think when the last time was that I read so little!

I am not in a slump. I have been switching up my bookish focus for a few weeks.  Instead of reading, I have been cleaning out my shelves, donating old books, starting to list the many books I have, reshelving books, etc. While I still have a lot of listing and some reorganizing to still do I feel so much better about the state of my books.  This has been long overdue.  But come June 1st I am reading with a  vengeance!  I am doing several fun challenges (will post more on some of those soon) to kick it all off with.

Here is to a great month of reading to come!!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Tracking all those re-reads

Do you like to re-read books?  I do not re-read everything but I do like to re- go through my favorites from time to time.  For that I am so happy Goodreads has added a function for when you have read a book multiple times. It is great to just go in and switch your book back to "currently reading"  then "read" once again when you finish and have it easily count.

Before I always fought myself on do I change the date so ti shows I read another book that year, but then takes it off a previous year, or use another addition but I always felt that shows a strong inaccuracy of books I have read which I did not feel was fair.  Or just leave it alone.  I hated the dilemma.  

Now it is no longer an issue!  Goodreads just tracks the dates and times read.  I have wanted this for several years on there now.  ALthouhg I am not going back through all my old books just to sort and date them all.  Too much.  BUt this year forward, my books read count will be accurate and will not hinder my previous years now unfairly bolster my books read shelf.  

Image result for happy dance 

Do you like the new function on Goodreads?  How did you used to track your books read?

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Can You Read a Series in a Month?

Because Reading is better than real life
So I am joining in this fun challenge to read a whole series in a month.  Finishing up a bunch of series I have started has been my primary focus this month.  So while this one is also to start a series, I am choosing one I have technically started but never got to finish the first book due to not being able to renew it.  I now own the entire series but need to start over so this was perfect!
I will be reading : 
Image result for ted dekker circle 
Green is a prequel so I might or migt not get to that one but the 3 main books count for this challenge so I am very excited. More to come in June when this challenge takes place!

Image result for ted dekker circle